1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Translating Research into Policy and Practice—Bonn Programme

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Interdisciplinary research is a vital ingredient in the recipe for successful implementation of the SDGs, but an important challenge remains: translating that research into integrated policies and practice. UNRISD’s Bonn Programme works to build the knowledge and capacity needed to address the social, economic, political and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. UNRISD established the programme to create new interagency collaborations, enhance synergies between research and learning, and strengthen evidence-informed implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

The Bonn Programme creates partnerships and works with others on the links between climate change and inequality, between financial crises, poverty and environmental sustainability, and the need for a new eco-social contract. A key activity of the programme is bringing together policy makers, researchers and progressive movements in a new network to build the evidence and support for a more equitable and inclusive ecological and social contract fit for the 21st century and beyond. Importantly, the programme will prioritize voices from the global South and from marginalized groups; and it will integrate traditional knowledge, including that of indigenous peoples and minorities, through employing rights-based and gender-inclusive approaches.

The Bonn Programme aims to increase the uptake of evidence-based analysis and knowledge production on the social dimensions of sustainable development, and contribute to high-quality, relevant training and capacity development, through:
  • Identifying knowledge-capacity gaps regarding the social dimensions of sustainable development and linking these to UNRISD research.
  • Supporting integrated approaches to SDG implementation with interdisciplinary evidence and knowledge products.
  • Partnering with other networks and capacity development partners to provide a platform for voices from and research uptake by the global South and the Bonn ecosystem of development actors.
  • Building a network on a new eco-social contract that connects policy makers, researchers and activists across the globe.

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Photo: Markus Spiske (public domain via Unsplash)