1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Events - UNRISD Seminar Series

The UNRISD Seminar Series provides a space for open, informed and insightful conversation around contemporary issues of concern to social development research and policy. Through this Series, UNRISD seeks to highlight the work of both new and established thinkers in the field of social development, and to contribute to improving the quality of development debates, policy and practice.

UNRISD’s unique position within the UN system affords a special opportunity for researchers from academic institutions and civil society organizations to share and exchange ideas and analysis with international and national policy actors.

The seminars are designed to be interactive and to spark debate. Series panelists are invited to present their work and ideas before opening up to the floor for questions and interventions. Where possible, we make the audio recordings of seminars available online via our website and the UNRISD iTunes podcast directory shortly afterwards.

If you are visiting Geneva and would like to give a seminar, or if you would like to propose a speaker and topic for a seminar, please contact info[dot]unrisd[at]un[dot]org. We also welcome suggestions for joint seminars with other organizations, to take place either in Geneva or elsewhere.