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Working at UNRISD

WARNING — 17 May 2017
A number of fictitious UNRISD vacancy announcements are circulating on the Internet. Some people have even received fake follow-up emails urging candidates to open attachments.

Please be aware that all genuine vacancies are announced on our website. Any posting which is not mirrored there is fraudulent and may be an attempt to steal money or personal information.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a vacancy announcement or job offer, please get in touch with us at info.unrisd@un.org before you respond or open any attachments.

UNRISD does not charge fees for applications and does not authorize any consultants, agencies or organizations to conduct fee-paying recruitment or training on its behalf.


Information on vacancies at the Institute is posted on this website. We encourage you to subscribe to our free email alerts service to be informed promptly of any such opening. Please apply only when there are vacancies posted on this website as we are not able to take unsolicited or speculative applications due to limited staff resources.

Research Analysts

The Institute offers a limited number of Research Analyst positions every year. Research Analysts (RAs) are an integral part of UNRISD’s research team. They are expected to undertake research of a substantive nature under the supervision of the Research Coordinator, as well as to assist in administrative aspects of the project under which they are being employed. In this capacity, they participate in tasks that are central to carrying out the Institute’s mission, such as drafting research proposals, organizing research-related events from seminars to international conferences, doing independent research and writing, and contributing to communications and outreach initiatives. RAs are also encouraged to author/co-author at least one publication during their stay at the Institute.

Research Analysts are selected exclusively upon considerations of previous professional experience, academic qualifications and merit, and upon gender equity and regional balance in line with the specific requirements of the project under which they are to be employed. They must have completed a Masters programme from a graduate school prior to their employment at UNRISD. The maximum duration of the assignment is 2 years.

Junior Consultants

Under the current rules for the UN system, UNRISD is unable to offer paid internships. Given that, and in line with the principles of economic and social justice, we have decided to no longer offer unpaid internships.

To maintain opportunities for early career researchers, and at times of high workload, UNRISD periodically advertises for Junior Consultants through our website. These offer the chance to gain entry level experience of working in a UN organization. The positions are tailored towards people who have recently graduated or are close to doing so, and are remunerated at an appropriate market level for that level of experience. The typical duration of a Junior Consultant position is 3-6 months.

Please apply only when there are vacancies posted on the UNRISD website as we are not able to review unsolicited applications due to limited staff resources. Candidates must have an academic background, interests and some experience corresponding to the advertised vacancy.

Visiting Research Fellows

UNRISD welcomes applications from scholars wishing to spend time at the Institute in Geneva. We are able to host a limited number of Visiting Research Fellows whose academic interests and research focus are in line with our mandate and current research agenda.

Visiting Research Fellows are not remunerated by UNRISD. We are able to provide office space and access to facilities in the UN offices in Geneva, including the library. The duration of stay can vary, and is usually between two and six months. Visiting Research Fellows are expected to participate in the activities of the Institute, including making a presentation of their own work. Where possible, they are encouraged to produce a paper based on their research for publication by UNRISD and contribute to the UNRISD website or eBulletin.

UNRISD particularly welcomes applications from young researchers from the South. Candidates should normally hold a PhD, have a minimum of two years post-doctoral research experience and be affiliated with an academic or research institution.

There is no application deadline for Visiting Research Fellows. Interested applicants should send an email to info.unrisd@un.org with an expression of interest, CV and a short proposal of the research to be undertaken while at UNRISD.

All costs and arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation and living expenses are the responsibility of the Visiting Research Fellows or their sponsoring institution. Medical insurance coverage, which is required, is also the responsibility of the Visiting Research Fellows.

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