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Civil Society and the Market Question: Dynamics of Rural Development and Popular Mobilization

Description: Rather than focusing upon advanced countries, where civil society growth is seen as a post-market development, this volume, edited by K.B.Ghimire, explores developing countries, with case studies examining grassroots developments and experiences. The desirability, efficiency and effectiveness of market institutions as viewed by civil society organizations is addressed in this important collection, which moves the debate from acceptance or criticism of global markets to focus upon the case of rural development where local social relations and economic exchange remain more powerful and relevant than the operation of markets.


1. Markets and Civil Society in Rural Transformation: An Overview of Principal Issues, Trends and Outcomes, by K.B.Ghimire
2. Social Movements, the State and the Experience of Market-led Agrarian Reform in Brazil, by Leonilde Servolo de Medeiros
3. Colombian Countryside between Privileges of Latifundistas,Modernizing Authoritarianism and Peasant Repression, by Stephan Suhner
4. The Dynamics of Market-led Rural Development in Latin America: The Experience of Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, by Henry Veltmeyer
5. The Ability of Civil Society Groups to Influence the Debate on the Role of the Market in Rural Asset Building and Redistribution in East Africa, by Nyangabyaki Bazaara
6. Crisis of Rural Livelihoods, Economic Reforms and Civil Society in Egypt, by Ray Bush
7. The Farmers' Movement and the Market Question in Senegal, by Nora McKeon
8. Markets, Land Redistribution and Rural Social Movements in the Philippines, by Saturnino M.Borras Jr.
9. Rural Power Structures and Evolving Market Forces in Bangladesh, by Manzurul Mannan
10. Social Movements, Rural Poverty and Markets: The Case of India, by Neil Webster

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  • Pub. Date: 1 Aug 2005
    Pub. Place: Houndmills
    ISBN: 1-4039-4915-8
    Type: Hardback
    From: Palgrave