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Corporate Accountability and Sustainable Development

The social and environmental performances of big enterprises are increasingly coming under regulatory regimes that aim to reassert social control over them to improve their social obligations. In practice, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has its limitations for long term sustainability. Thus, the corporate accountability movement has proposed a variety of regulatory movements that include obligations as opposed to responsibility. This volume provides insights into these dimensions of the interface between corporate players and questions of sustainability.

The volume will be useful to teachers and graduate and post-graduate students of environmental sciences and management, environment activists, NGOs, multilateral organizations, funding organizations, policy makers, and transnationals especially of the developing world, as well as general readers.

1. Corporate Responsibility, Accountability and Law: An Introduction, Jennifer Clapp and Peter Utting
2. Sustainable Development, Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsiblity: The Missing Link, Stefano Pogutz
3. Sustainability: The Need for Institutional Change, Arild Vatn
4. Social and Environmental Liabilities of Transnational Corporations: New Directions, Opportunities and Constraints, Peter Utting
5. Corporate Accountability in the Agro-Food Sector: The Case of Illegal GMO Releases, Jennifer Clapp
6. Corporate Accountability in South Africa: An Evaluation of Sectoral Differences, Neil Eccles, Ralph Hamann and Derick de Jongh
7. Corporate Environmental Behaviour: A Comparative Study of Firms in the Indian Steel and Paper Industry, Runa Sarkar
9. Patterns of Pollution Compliance: A Cross-State Analysis of Industrial Pollution Compliance in India, Prabha Panth and Rahul A. Shastri
10. The Effect of International Conventions on Oil Spills, Maria L. Loureiro
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  • Pub. Date: 1 Jul 2008
    Pub. Place: New Delhi
    ISBN: 978-0-19-569734-6
    Type: Hardback
    From: Oxford University Press - India