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Back | Programme Area: Governance (2000 - 2009) | Event: What Choices Do Democracies Have in Globalizing Economies?

What Choices Do Democracies Have in Globalizing Economies?

  • Date: 27 - 28 Apr 2000
  • Location: Palais des Nations, Room XVI, Geneva
  • Speakers: Attila Agh, Francis Akindes, Björn Beckman, Wiseman Chirwa, Javier Corrales, Robert Elgie, Richard Joseph, Junko Kato, Maureen Makintosh, Sylvia Maxfield, Pratap Mehta, Veronica Montecinos, Abdul Raufu Mustapha, Robert O'Brien, Doh Shin, Patricio Silva, Peter Pendersen, Ole Therkildsen
  • Project Title: Technocratic Policy Making and Democratization

Thursday 27 April 2000

Opening Session

Welcome remarks and introduction
Thandika Mkandawire, Director, UNRISD

Session One: Globalization, economic policy making and democratization

Keynote Address: Sylvia Maxfield, Harvard University

Session Two: Independent authorities and democratic accountability

Chairperson: Patricio Silva, Leiden University

Robert Elgie, The European Central Bank and democratic accountability
Junko Kato, Bureaucratic reform and economic policy making in Japan
Ole Therkildsen, Executive agencies, new public management and problems of accountability

Session Three: Economic reforms, democratization and social policy

Chairperson: Stefanie Grant, UNHCHR

Maureen Makintosh, Technocratic vs. collaborative regulation in health care: Reflections based on Tanzanian experience
Abdul Raufu Mustapha, Democratization, economic reforms and poverty alleviation
Patricio Silva, Technocratic policy making and social development in Latin America

Session Four: Civil society and technocratic governance

Chairperson: Eddy Lee, ILO

Robert O'Brien,Technocratic governance and civil society: The multilateral economic organizations
Björn Beckman, Labour unions, economic policy making and social pacts
Alan Leather, Public sector workers, union rights and economic policy reform

Session Five: Country experiences: Economic policy making and parliamentary accountability

Chairperson: Martin Chungong, Inter-Parliamentary Union

Veronica Montecinos (Chile)
Javier Corrales (Argentina)
Francis Akindes (Benin)
Wiseman Chijere Chirwa (Malawi)