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New Project Launched at UNRISD

27 May 2003

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UNRISD launches a new research project on UN World Summits and Civil Society Engagement with the objective of critically assessing the impact of the various UN summits on civil society activism at global, national and local levels. How are CSOs striving to influence international and national policies, and with what results? How are they trying to implement new approaches and policies ensuing from the summits? Have these summits helped to increase improved resourcefulness and capacity for action of participating CSOs, or have they instead given rise to CSO co-option and use for channelling dominant thoughts and approaches? What are the civil society actors that have especially taken advantage of an opportunity created by the UN summits and why? And what are the vital lessons to the UN, as well as donor agencies and others supporting the work of civil society? These are some of the critical questions that the project intends to investigate and analyse.

Three sets of broad activities are envisaged under the project:

1. Studies on national and local CSO dynamics in countries holding UN summits and Preparatory meetings;

2.Study on the impact of UN summits on global civil society activism and

3. Study on the experiences of preparatory and follow-up processes of UN summits.

The project is planned for two years and is being partially funded by the Ford Foundation.