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One Step Further - Responses to HIV/AIDS

13 Mar 2003

  • Author(s): Anne Sisask

How can we both "scale-up" and "scale-out"—broaden—our responses to HIV/AIDS? Society’s responses to people living with HIV/AIDS and to the pandemic’s long-term impact on development need to be improved in terms of human rights, treatment, attitudes, financing, and the adoption of development plans and approaches that reduce vulnerability and offer hope for the future. Some issues need to emerge more clearly on the research agenda.

These are threads that run through the contributions in this anthology; a joint production between Sida and UNRISD. The authors cover multidimensional perspectives on HIV/AIDS, poverty and stigma. While they bring out the complexity of issues, they also point to tools and strategic measures that are within reach. Particular attention is given to locally directed responses to HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

HIV and AIDS: From the Perspective of Human Rights and Legal Protection, Mark Heywood
The Dimensions and Wider Context of HIV/AIDS Stigma and Resulting Discrimination in Southern Africa, Virginia Bond
The Option of Antiretroviral Treatment in Africa, Toke Barfod and Henrik Ullum
HIV/AIDS and Development: The Chikankata Experience, Weddy Silomba
Understanding Community Responses to the Situation of Children Affected by AIDS: Lessons for External Agencies, Geoff Foster
AIDS and the Private Sector: Lessons from Southern Africa, Alan Whiteside and Mary O’Grady
Voices on Femina Hip Magazine–Using "Edutainment" to Promote an Open Discussion about Sexuality and Risk Behaviour, Minou Fuglesang
Morality and Misfortune: Discourses around Ilhealth in a Zambian Village, Paul Dover
HIV/AIDS–Is the Worst Yet to Come? Data, Spreadpatterns and Trends, Mikael Hammarskjöld
To Fight AIDS Successfully Requires Unconventional Approaches, Bertil Egerö
Afterword: HIV/AIDS: The Way Forward,Joe Collins and Bill Rau
Notes on Authors

Anne Sisask is the Editor at Sida.

One Step Further—Responses to HIV/AIDS is co-published with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). Paperback, ISSN 1404-9562, ISBN 91-586-8781-5, free of charge, 236 pages, December 2002.

Order from: UNRISD or the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), SE-105 25 Stockholm, Sweden.