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Book: The Native Tourist: Mass Tourism within Developing Countries

1 Aug 2001

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It is estimated that there will be nearly one billion international tourists by the year 2010, and in many countries the number of domestic tourists may reach 10 times as much. In the vast majority of developing countries, the number of nationals travelling for leisure purposes is considerably higher than international tourist arrivals.

Despite such rapid growth, existing tourism policies in developing countries concentrate on expanding international tourism. Hence, the benefits and problems of mass tourism involving domestic and regional visitors are frequently ignored.

This 234-page book examines a phenomenon that has not been studied before and breaks new ground. It provides coherent information and discussion on the nature, magnitude and impact of domestic and regional tourism on diverse social groups in different socio-economic and environmental contexts. It examines specific policy measures that have been undertaken to manage or cope with national and regional mass tourism and includes an overview analysis of seven leading developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The book argues that policy makers should consider the nascence of national and regional mass tourism in developing countries seriously, first of all because of the sheer size of the phenomenon. National and regional tourism in developing countries might become a more viable option for sustainable socio-economic development than traditional forms of North-South tourism in the future. Public policies and site-specific tourism planning involved with the emergence of this new form of tourism could offer more adequate and creative possibilities for local economies. However, governmental bias toward creating facilities for tourists from industrialized countries and its inability to regulate the market forces, work against the opportunity.

The Growth of National and Regional Tourism in Developing Countries
Strengthening Domestic Tourism in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities
Regional and Domestic Mass Tourism in Brazil: An Overview
The Economic Role of National Tourism in China
Domestic Tourism in Thailand: Supply and Demand
South Africa's Domestic Tourism Sector: Promises and Problems
The Survival Ethic and the Development of Tourism in Nigeria
Domestic Tourism in India

K.B. Ghimire is a Research Co-ordinator at UNRISD.

The Native Tourist is co-published with Earthscan. Paperback, ISBN 1-85383-804-7, 234 pages, 2001, £17.95. Hardback, ISBN 1-85383-803-9, 234 pages, 2001, £48.