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Development: Funding Social Change

14 Aug 2006

Taking a candid look at the relationship between donors, NGOs and social movements draws us into the contentious subject of the politics of development funding.

Can NGOs maintain their own agendas while being dependent on external funding? An important question raised in the journal is how to change the present donor arrangements of the NGO financial aid chain in order to address tensions around the effectiveness of development finance in general.

The second set of articles on the big UN conferences, such as the Earth Summit, reveal how the states and big international NGOs set agendas in these huge events within which local NGOs are obliged to fit their own concerns. It seems they are largely operational players, with little political voice as a result.

Further articles reflect on the contentious issue of funding the World Social Forum. Should the origin and therefore the acceptance of such funding be questioned? What are the appropriate political and ethical guidelines?

Donors are determining the direction of NGO agendas and creating critical debate amongst social movements. This Development issue, produced in collaboration with UNRISD, is a welcome way to encourage the debate around funding.

UNRISD Staff and Affiliates' Articles
Introduction: Financial Independence among NGOs and Social Movements, Kléber Ghimire
Winners or Losers? NGOs in the Current Aid Paradigm, Catherine Agg
NGOs, Social Movements, External Funding and Dependency, Fernand Vincent
Funding and the Future of the Global Justice Movement, Edouard Morena
Power Relations in the Financial Aid Chain, Santiago Daroca Oller
Funding Social Movements Through Fair Trade, Murat Yilmaz
Donor Policies and the Financial Autonomy of Development NGOs, Britta Sadoun

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