1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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48th Session of the UNRISD Board Held in Geneva

24 Jun 2010

UNRISD held its annual Board Meeting on June 22 and 23, 2010 to review recent activities and identify social development challenges that will be addressed for the research period 2010–2014. The Board Meeting is an annual event that reviews and approves expenditures, considers funding opportunities and discusses new directions for research.

During the first day, Board members and UNRISD research staff put their heads together in an informal brainstorming session around the broad themes that will structure the next phase of the research agenda. There was also lively discussion about how to better mobilize the Institute’s extensive networks more effectively around issues of common concern.

The second day encompassed the formal session where the Board discussed and reviewed administrative and financial issues, with a focus on funding strategies, as well as issues for the Institute to take up in its research in the coming years. UNRISD will continue to carry out and commission research on policies and processes - in both the social and economic spheres - that contribute to improvements in social well-being, social relations and social institutions while reflecting the heightened insecurities linked to recent and ongoing crises. The work will pay special attention to the political dynamics and institutional arrangements required for achieving progressive social change. Further details of the research agenda will be available in the coming months.

UNRISD's Board members are: Evelina Dagnino from Brazil, Zenebeworke Tadesse from Ethiopia, Christian Comeliau from France/Belgium, Julia Szalai from Hungary, Bina Agarwal from India, Pasuk Phongpaichit from Thailand, Yesim Arat from Turkey, Annika Sundén from Sweden, Rosalind Eyben from the United Kingdom and Peter Evans from the United States of America. This year's meeting was chaired by Lourdes Arizpe, Professor at the National University of Mexico. Representatives from the FAO, ILO (IILS), UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNU–WIDER and WHO also joined the session.