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UNRISD Researcher Receives Prestigious Prize in Economics

30 Oct 2007

  • Author(s): Jomo K.S.
  • Press Contact: Julia Gin

UNRISD Researcher, Jomo K.S., has been awarded the prominent 2007 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought.

His work on development economics was recognized at the award ceremony, which took place on Wednesday, October 17 at Tufts University, where he gave a lecture on “Climate Change, Economic Development, and Global Equity.”

The Leontief Prize is awarded yearly by Tufts University and is named after the Nobel-prize winning economist Wassily Leontief. In the spirit of the late Mr. Leontief’s work, the prize recognizes economists whose work includes theoretical research and data in the effort to promote understanding of social and environmental issues. Mr. Leontief spent a lifetime promoting the usefulness of economics by using it as a tool to attempt to better the human condition.

Jomo has been a researcher in the UNRISD networks for a number of projects and has been associated with various publications and programmes. He was a researcher for the project on Social Dynamics of Deforestation in Developing Countries, the project on the Social Summit follow-up, the project on Racism and Public Policy, as well as the project on Social Policy in a Development Context/Pro-Poor Macroeconomics.

Jomo has been involved in numerous UNRISD publications including: co-editing the book Deforesting Malaysia: The Political Economy and Social Ecology of Agricultural Expansion and Commercial Logging; authoring the Programme Paper UOC 3: Globalization, Liberalization and Equitable Development: Lessons from East Asia, Programme Paper ICC 7: The New Economic Policy and Interethnic Relations in Malaysia, a chapter in the book Racism and Public Policy, and a chapter in the book Pro-Poor Macroeconomics. He was also a participant in UNRISD conferences on “Need to Rethink Development Economics” and “Social Knowledge and International Policy Making: Exploring the Linkages.”

Jomo will be participating in the UNRISD conference on Business, Social Policy and Corporate Political Influence in Developing Countries on 12-13 November 2007 at the Palais des Nations. He will be chairing the session on “Changing Patterns of State-Business Relations,” which will be covering the significant changes in economic liberalization, democratic transition and social entrepreneurship, and to what extent these developments have affected state provisioning. For more information on the conference, please contact demoor@unrisd.org or visit www.unrisd.org/mbr-conference

Jomo was an elected member of the UNRISD Board from 2002 until 2004, and his involvement in the Institute's research programme continues in his current role as Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA). He participated in the 2007 Board meeting as Representative of the Secretary-General.