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A meeting on the Project: Social Responses to Inequalities and Policy Changes

2 Oct 2007

UNRISD Researchers Peter Utting and Kléber Ghimire will participate in a meeting to discuss the results of research papers on the UNRISD Project "Social Responses to Inequalities and Policy Changes" in Paris, France on 11 October 2007. This research project is integrated under the project “Inequality: Mechanisms, Effects and Policies” (INEQ), part of the Sixth Framework Program, Priority 7 – Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge Based Society, financed by the European Union.

The project aims to examine the nature of social contestation, activism and policy change related to North-South inequality, especially in the area of development aid, debt relief, international taxation, trade and subsidy policy, and corporate accountability and responsible finance. The research examines shifts in policies in two EU countries, the United Kingdom (UK) and France

During the meeting Peter Utting and Kleber Ghimire will discuss 'Governance, Activism and Policy Change' and 'Development Aid Policy in France' respectively.