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Conference News: Improving Knowledge on Social Development in International Organizations II

6 Feb 2003

UNRISD published its report of a seminar for high-level United Nations officials engaged in research on social development, held in Prangins, Switzerland, on 29 and 30 May 2002. The theme of the seminar was “globalization and inequality”.

With this seminar—the second in a series—UNRISD aims to improve the flow of information among these officials by bringing them together in an informal setting to engage in substantive discussion on the current research programmes of key UN agencies, and to consider how these efforts are contributing to an improvement in understanding of important development issues.

The theme of the seminar was apposite in light of recent United Nations world conferences, such as World Summit for Social Development (1995) and Millennium Summit (2000). These summits highlighted social justice and equity as key issues in development debates.

Four experts from outside the UN system presented papers on globalisation and inequality. They had been commissioned by UNRISD and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The first analysed changing patterns of resource distribution within the global system, the second explored the sources of neoliberal globalization, and the other two reviewed different approaches to the analysis of globalization, liberalization and inequality within and outside the United Nations system. The present issue of Conference News reports on the discussion that ensued from the presentation of these papers.

The papers will be published as UNRISD Programme Papers.

In holding these seminars, the aim of the Institute, over the longer term, is to enhance the coherence of the position of the United Nations on social development, and reinforce the collective capacity of the UN system to influence the global economic and social agenda toward greater social justice.