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NDSP: Middle East and North Africa II

  • Project from: 2013 to 2016

Assessing the Relationship between Austerity, Labour Policies and Youth Unemployment in Oman, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia, by Heath Prince, Yara Halasa and Amna Khan

The MENA II case study for the UNRISD project, "New Directions in Social Policy: Alternatives from and for the Global South", looks at youth employment policy options and choices of the five countries under review. It looks at how the economic and social policies implemented in these countries led to the high levels of youth unemployment prior to the Arab Spring and at how, after this series of massive social protests concluded, new policies and institutions have emerged to provide innovative solutions to address the problem.

The paper aims to provide additional knowledge to answer the questions: how economic, social, political and institutional arrangements can be designed to achieve better social outcomes given the challenges of the contemporary development context; how the values and norms of human rights, equity, sustainability and social justice can be operationalized through "new" social policies; and how experiences, knowledge and learning about innovative approaches can be shared among countries in the South.