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Sustainable Development Performance Indicators: Project Workshop

Date: 6 - 7 Feb 2019

Sustainable Development Performance Indicators: Project Workshop
At this internal workshop, the principal participants in the project on Sustainable Development Performance Indicators will come together for the first time to discuss the positioning of the project and milestones for the project over the next four years.


Paul Ladd - UNRISD Director
Ilcheong Yi - Senior Research Coordinator
Gabriel Salathé Beaulieu - Research Analyst
Matteo Tarasco - Research Intern
Jenifer Freedman - Chief of Communications and Outreach

Members of Advisory Group
Peter Utting - UNRISD Senior Research Associate and former Deputy Director
Marguerite Mendell - Professor Emerita, School of Community and Public Affairs (SCPA), Concordia University, Canada
Mark W. McElroy - Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Organizations, Vermont, USA and co-creator of the MultiCapital Scorecard

Day 1: Substantive issues

Key questions for discussion:
  • How will project outputs be positioned relative to other indicators either already developed or in development?
  • What distinctive innovations will result from the project?
  • What are the key issues related past, present and future sustainable development impact indicators which the project needs to take into account?

Presentations by Ilcheong Yi, Mark W. McElroy, Peter Utting, Gabriel Salathé Beaulieu and Marguerite Mendell

Day 2: Practical issues

Review of practical and strategic planning for the project:
  • June conference
  • Milestones throughout the project
  • Communications strategy
  • Networking with participants
  • Further fundraising
  • Spin-offs