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Gender-Related Research within the UN System, a joint UN Women - UNRISD workshop

Date: 15 - 16 Nov 2012

  • Time: 09:00 - 17:30
  • Location: Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Counterpart(s): UN-Women

UN Women and UNRISD are hosting a workshop to reflect critically on existing and potential areas of research on gender issues, catalyze the work of other UN organizations, and explore possibilities for new collaborative work. The meeting is the first part of a consultative process that will enable UN Women to fulfil its coordination and support role within the United Nations System.
The meeting will bring together approximately 30 participants, including researchers from within the UN system, those in charge of gender issues from different UN agencies as well as a selected group of researchers from outside the UN system. It is expected that the two day workshop will help to reflect on the experiences of UN agencies with well-established research programmes on gender, including FAO, ILO, UNRISD and WHO, as well as other UN agencies that may not have done extensive research on gender issues per se, but have nevertheless been able to conduct independent and cutting-edge research on development issues more broadly.

The specific objectives of the workshop are to:
  • take stock of research outputs on various aspects of gender inequality within the UN system;
  • identify research that enhances informed policy advocacy;
  • identify a set of gender-related thematic areas which remain under-researched;
  • suggest some possible areas of collaboration, both within the UN system and between the UN and non-UN research entities; and
  • amplify proactive mechanisms/strategies aimed at nurturing research through generating and sharing research-based findings across different UN entities and beyond.

Participants at the two day workshop stand for a group photo towards the end of the second day. From left to right:

back row: Libor Stloukal (FAO), Mark Holderness (GFAR-FAO), Eva Jespersen (UNDP), Papa Seck (UN Women), Marie-Claude Martin (Innocenti Research Centre, UNICEF), Zenebeworke Tadesse (Consultant to UN Women, UNRISD Board Member), Haley Thompson (PhD student).
middle row: Gul Unal (UN Women), Elisabeth Prügl (Graduate Institute, Geneva), Heba El-Kholy (Oslo Governance Centre, UNDP), Fenneke Reysoo (Graduate Institute, Geneva), Marzia Fontana (Visiting Scholar, ILO), Jane Hodges (ILO), Malokele Nanivazo (UNU-WIDER), Esuna Dugarova (UNRISD)
front row: Marilou MCPhedran (UNFPA), Avni Amin (WHO) , Simonetta Zarrilli (UNCTAD), Sarah Cook (UNRISD), Isha Dyfan (OHCHR), Shahra Razavi (UNRISD), Saraswathi Menon (UN Women), Takyiwaa Manuh (University of Ghana), Hania Sholkamy (American University of Cairo), Nitya Rao (University of East Anglia).
Others who attended, but were not featured in the photo include Diana Barrowclough (UNCTAD), Saniye Gülser Corat (UNESCO), Irene Musselli (UNCTAD), Naoko Otobe (ILO) and Mariama Williams (South Center).

You can watch the videos of interviews with Eva Jespersen (UNDP) and Saraswati Menon (UN Women). To listen to interviews with Hania Sholkamy (American University of Cairo), Marie-Claude Martin (UNICEF Innocenti Centre) and Takyiwaa Manuh (University of Ghana), use the Media Files link on the top right of this page.