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Geneva 2000: The Next Step in Social Development

  • Project from: 2000 to 2000

UNRISD work for Geneva 2000 focuses on Commitment 1 of the Copenhagen Declaration "We commit ourselves to creating an economic, political, social, cultural and legal environment that will enable people to achieve social development." The Institute's main activities for Geneva 2000 include publishing a report and an occasional paper series. Other activities include the Virtual Forum on Initiatives, research on social policy in West Africa, and a consultancy with the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU).

The Report
Visible Hands: Taking Responsibility for Social Development
Mains visibles: Assumer la responsabilité du développement social
La mano visible: Asumir la responsabilidad por el desarrollo social
Mãos Visíveis: Assumindo Aesponsabilidade pelo Desenvolvimento Social (Resumo executivo)

Geneva 2000 Occasional Papers
OPG 1: Civil Society, NGDOs and Social Development: Changing the Rules of the Game, by Alan Fowler

OPG 2: Business Responsibility for Sustainable Development, by Peter Utting

OPG 3: Public Sector Restructuring: The Institutional and Social Effects of Fiscal, Managerial and Capacity-Building Reforms, by Yusuf Bangura

OPG 4: Women in Contemporary Democratization, by Shahra Razavi

OPG 5: Globalization and Social Policy: The Threat to Equitable Welfare, by Bob Deacon

OPG 6: Promoting Sustainable Human Development in Cities in the South: A Southeast Asian Perspective, by Adrian Atkinson

OPG 7: The Political Economy of Pension Reform: Latin America in Comparative Perspective, by Evelyne Huber and John D. Stephens

OPG 8: Reproductive and Sexual Rights: Charting the Course of Transnational Women's NGOs, by Rosaling P. Petchesky

OPG 9: Global Economic Trends and Social Development, by Ajit Singh

OPG 10: Globalization and Social Development after Copenhagen: Premises, Promises and Policies, by Thandika Mkandawire and Virginia Rodríguez