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Development Forums for the G20

  • Project from: 2010 to 2012

Since the London Summit in April 2009, the G20 has been a focal point for global discussion and policy making on global economic architecture. The global economic crisis is only one of many challenging the world. In 2008, sharp rises in food and oil prices hit the poor in developing countries particularly hard. Climate change is another cause for concern. Taking these broader considerations into account, how should the global economic regime be reconstituted in order to protect the poorest, and promote economic and social development that would make the world more equitable in the context of the multiple crises?

The Development Forums for the G20 aim to create a space for analysis aimed at developing a conceptual and policy framework to position alternative development strategies at the centre of the G20 agenda.

For more information, go to the events page for each forum:
Development Forum for the G20, co-organized by UNRISD and the Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University on 21-22 October 2010.
2nd Development Forum for the G20, co-organized by UNRISD, Pax Romana, Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung e.V. and Caritas France, was held in Paris on 24-25 October 2011.

Think Pieces
In this series of short think pieces, researchers from academia, civil society and policy making from across the world look at alternative development strategies.